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Clinical Data Collection

Easy-to-understand, customizable forms that make data collection and sharing between your team simple.

  • Data Collection

    Easily document and access skill and behavior goals, client treatment plans, and analyze client progress with CR Essential’s auto-graphing and reporting capabilities.

  • ABC Data Collection

    Collect data with customizable ABC data collection. Choose between free-text or drop-down options, for capturing behavior, antecedent and consequence data.

  • Clinical Programming

    Upload your own programs or utilize CR Elements clinical programs which include 417 flexible skill programs and 3,400+ short-term goals - allowing more clinicians to help clients reach their potential.

  • Custom Form Builder

    Create and customize forms effortlessly. Revolutionize your data collection process.

  • Progress Notes

    Fast and easy note completion will CR Essentials’ auto-population and summarization functionality.

  • E-sign Documents

    ESIGN & Military-grade encryption with backups for an efficient, HIPAA-compliant storage and sharing of documents.

  • Monthly Reporting on Clients

    Automatic monthly reporting on client progress, narratives, graphs and caregiver competency assessments.

  • Mobile Application

    EVV-compliant mobile application with real-time data collection that is fast and easy. Schedule visits, start a session, collect signatures and session timers track clinical team signed timesheets. HIPAA-compliant offline mode makes it easy for teams to work even when an internet connection is not available.

  • HIPAA & PHI Compliant

    Whether you are using the desktop version or mobile application, your data and document is secure. Flexible permissions allow you to limit data access to only those that require it.

  • Group Therapy Management

    Diversify service offerings and increase revenue with group therapy data collection, sessions notes and billing.

Practice Management

Optimize your operations from client intake to billing, and beyond.

  • Scheduling Appointments

    Complete your client and therapist scheduling all in one place with recurring sessions, cancel appointment tracking, admin time tracking for travel and meal periods, and therapist maps for in-home treatment.

    COMING SOON: Master calendar providing flexible views, scheduling conflict alerts, room booking and scheduling suggestions.

  • Group Therapy Management

    Diversify service offerings and increase revenue with group therapy scheduling and management.

  • Multi-Office Support

    Have multiple locations? No problem! We can support your teams working in multiple locations and allow you to drill down into data for specific locations.

  • Flexible Permission Management

    Give your team access to as much or as little as you’d like.

  • Telehealth Appointments (HIPAA-Compliant)

    Innovate your ABA service model by offering telehealth service and completing ongoing training via our browser-to-browser HIPAA-compliant telehealth solution.

  • Inbox

    Handle approving and rejecting documents in one place with with automatic notifications.

  • Document Management

    Stay organized and up to date on expiring documentation and authorizations with an intuitive dashboard that provides comprehensive visibility. Includes unlimited document storage.

  • Caregiver Portal

    Share files and schedules with clients, allow them to easily join HIPAA-compliant telehealth appointments, as well as make payments using our Stripe integration via the Caregiver Portal.

Insurance Billing, Invoicing & Payments

Report and track payments, create and send invoices, check eligibility, send claims, and receive remits all within CR Essentials. Our integration with Change Healthcare, the best-in-class clearinghouse, will get you paid faster.

  • Electronic Claims Processing

    Integration with the best-in-class clearinghouse Change Healthcare - optimize your revenue cycle management process for effective and successful billing with eligibility checks, electronic claims, remits and customizable invoices.

  • Track Authorizations

    Auto-apply sessions and units to existing authorizations. See how many units you have left and apply open sessions automatically authorizations.

  • Receivables

    Tracking payments made, see what's pending and outstanding and apply client and insurer payments.

  • Invoicing

    Invoice workflows make it easy and fast to invoice clients on additional co-pays, products, or services. Plus, easily track private pay clients.

  • CMS 1500

    Auto-populate data from CR Essentials to complete and print or download CMS 1500 forms.

  • Download EDI 837 File

    Create and download EDI 837 files for payer portal upload.

  • Billing & Payment Reporting

    Tap into billing and payroll averages, in-product overviews, reports, and more to get insights into your business needs.

  • Collect Payments with Stripe

    Through the Caregiver Portal, collect payments directly from clients via our Stripe integration.

Human Resources

Manage your staff, track their credentials and certifications, assign rates,
and keep track of comments and archived documents.

  • Manage Staff

    Manage staff, track their credentials, assign rates, and keep track of comments and archived documents.

  • Payroll

    Make payroll a breeze with our easy to understand payroll reports, billing and profit summary per owner.

  • Compliance Tracking

    Stay compliant by setting up alerts on expiring certifications, employee credentialing, paperwork, and training for staff.

  • Requirement Alerts

    Setup alert notifications on therapist missing and expiring requirements to ensure your staff is always compliant.

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