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We are so pleased to have CR Essentials® in our company. It makes all the documentation easy to store and is very useful for the therapist to have the notes and all the info of their clients in the computer or phone. Whenever I need help and email CR Essentials, I always get a quick answer. I would honestly recommend this to all the behavior agencies because it makes the work easier and more organized. Thank you !

Airem Guerra, Office Manager at B2B

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CR Essentials has helped our productivity skyrocket. The progress notes are easy to fill out and access. It is super helpful to have smart contractor alerts on, it takes off so much pressure over staying compliant in this business. Keeping our documents in order is one of the most important things to us and the system helps us keep everything organized. Great support is always provided if i have questions, CR Essentials has definitely made our life easier!

Mabel Giraldo, Office Manager at KBT

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I have been using CR Essentials for the last three years. The workload that CR Essentials does for my company is equivalent to that of at least three employees working full time in the Human Resources department only. One of the features that I love from CR Essentials is that I can customize everything and adapt it to the company’s needs. The software tracks expiring documentation and sends alerts automatically. I use it for the Clinical Department as it is amazingly efficient. It saves time for my company, employees and contractors. It can be used by anyone!!! There are multiple tutorials and if you don’t understand something just call them and they always answer and assist you kindly. CR Essentials is a time saving, money saving, LIFE saving tool. I would definitely recommend it!

Gezabel Hernandez, Owner at Blue Hope Therapy Services

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We started to work with CR Essentials in February 2018 to manage our staff profile, certifications, confidential information and client charts which include medical and/or educational records. We've seen the software grow in quality and implement features that help our business be more efficient. Keeping the information in one place and accurate is imperative for us. CR Essentials competes with other providers in the same field. We have active communication with the Customer Service department and our inquiries are always addressed in a very professional way. We highly recommend the use of CR Essentials to manage all office information and maintain the records digitally and secure with easy access from any location.

Lesly, Office Manager at A&M Behavioral