Industry-Exclusive SMART STOs make all the difference!

While other highly priced competitors make you customize a million points to start working; CR Essentials® believes in providing our users with simple but powerful tools that make their job easier, not more complicated. You should not need a Ph.D. in Form Building to start using software that its only intention is to make you more productive.

Your patients require the highest attention; you want to make sure that they are quickly progressing and that you, as a therapist, are having a positive and significant impact in their lives.

That is why we came up with the concept of SMART STOs, which is a industry-exclusive feature; they move and react to your data; if the STOs are not being met, the system is smart enough to extend the expected mastery date. If the criteria is then met the STO is closed and the system moves automatically to the next STO.


Even better; as an Analyst, you would only need to enter the baseline data and all the STOs will be created for you automatically. With their respective reduction target goals and other details.

Don't fall into the competitors customization's traps; what they lack in real smart features they make up in a million different settings that require thousands of dollars and hours in training.

If you are already using other software, switching to CR Essentials is really simple; we are able import Client's data and Contractor or Employees data for you. Switching has never been easier. We guaranteed that you will increase your productivity and increase your treatment effectiveness. Leaving you with more time for what really matters: your clients.

If this sounds like something that might benefit your practice, feel free to request a no-compromise demo below. We'll love to show you our software.